Hi! Thanks for checking out Aventure Shop. Here's a little info about how this store came to be.  Aventure Shop was born out of the feeling I would have on vacation when I would find a really great piece of jewelry or clothing that I could never get back home. It was that rush of excitement of finding something new and different that would give me such a thrill. So, I decided to  open a shop that would have unique  and fun items  from all around the world that were also affordable and wouldn't break the bank.


Our Jewelry Collection is all about finding the perfect chic & pretty accent. We have three different curated collections from artisans in Europe, the USA, and a line of Fair Trade artisan pieces. If you are in the mood to add something new and lovely to the house, then take a look at our Home Collection. It features a variety of soaps, sachets, and dish towels from France, Portugal, and England. And, of course, we can't forget about clothes! We have charming detailed sweatshirts  and graphic tanks that are going to keep you comfortable, relaxed, and looking oh, so stylish. So, have a look around!


We are here to help you with any questions you may have-whether it be gift ideas or figuring out which piece of jewelry would work best for you. So, send us an email, dm, whatever. We would love to chat!



Caroline Schmied